President's Annual Report 2018

2018 was as eventful, wonderful as well as stressful as every other year if not more so – with plenty of drama and pain mixed in as well. Overall the number of donors and interest in AFA keeps growing. But like the LCA itself, we are also suffering from the effects of a declining church as people age and die or join other churches and stop to support Lutheran-based mission work.

March Newsletter now available

The latest FiRE No79 for March 2019 is now available and contains stories about a gigantic milestone reached in Vietnam, and amazing journey and insights from Sabah, reaching the unreached in Vietnam and a special project for Pr August’s 50th anniversary of ordination. Please note that Pr August’s special project needs support by April 20th if this vision is to become reality.

Myanmar Wars Emergency - Update 3

At this time Australians are inward looking and rise up to help their heartbroken farmers in a fantastic way as they should.  But who speaks for the ignored and forgotten by all humanity except for a few small Christian aid groups most people have never heard of? Who speaks for those who suffer and die in silence with literally no hope left (except in Christ), fellow Christians?


On 21st July 2018 at the Lutheran Orphanage in Vietnam I wrote in my diary, “I think every child came forward for blessing and prayer. They look up to us with angelic and expectant eyes. These are the unexpected blessings on the journey. I thought I came to teach Valbi: (Vietnam/Australia Lutheran Bible Institute), but here I am teaching 100 orphans of all ages, and praying for them, and blessing them. And there’s more. They pray for me and bless me.

Myanmar Wars Update No 1

This year alone large numbers of people have died in Myanmar. Right now some 100,000 are displaced (refugees), most of them Christians – and the world either does not know it, does n ot want to know it, or is simply silent. Large parts of the Katchin and Karen States of Myanmar are in rebellion. It is confirmed that the Christian villages are always treated far worse by the Army than the Buddhist villages.

April FiRE newsletter now available

The latest FiRE newsletter for April 2018 is now available and contains lessons from China, India's caste system, young people for Christ in Thailand, hearts on fire in Vietnam, the Easter Gospel from Laos, a killer stalks in Nepal, and a roundup of other mission projects around the world

October newsletter now available

Our October newsletter is now available for download and contains an exploration into India to visit the church of the poor people, the Myanmar goat parade, Australia tilting towards atheism, the face of silent suffering in Indonesia, and latest news from Vietnam, Sabah, Nepal and other mission projects around Asia. 

Introducing AFA's new Treasurer - Judy Brauer

My passion has always been for overseas travel – but not the usual touristy stuff. I’d rather get off
the beaten track. I want to see the world through the eyes of real people. There’s no better way to do that than through Asia Focus Australia.

In 2016 I participated in my first overseas mission trip with AFA to Bhutan and Nepal. This was a life changing journey where God spoke to me and said, “You can do more”. To see first-hand the
poverty and need, but then to witness the amazing work of AFA – I was certainly challenged.