Kylie Sheaffe, Treasurer

“If you don’t like something about the world……make a difference!”

In my own small way and in short, this is why I am Treasurer of Asia Focus Australia. Honesty, Integrity, Core Beliefs and Values are a paramount reason in why I continue to support Asia Focus Australia in its important mission work.

Truth also be told, I personally used to sometimes avoid giving to charities as I could never be sure how much (if any) of my money was reaching where I had intended it for. Donating may have made ME feel good, but was it justified and was it REAL? Having been Treasurer for 2 years now, I know firsthand that Asia Focus is different.

I love that I can actually see people’s donations reaching the countries so much in need and where they were intended for.   In fact, it has become a bit of an unintentional mantra for Asia Focus Australia that all donations (unless specifically marked by the donor for admin costs and expenses) go directly to the cause.  We have so many wonderful volunteers that donate not only their valuable time and expertise, but also cover some of the necessary expenses themselves as well. It is truly inspirational and refreshing to be involved with such a united group working toward the same goal:  to bring good news to the poor, heal the broken-hearted, announce release to the captives, comfort the mourning and to spread joy and gladness!  From Isaiah 61:1 

Asia focus has also near doubled its turnover in the short time I have been involved, which to me is an indication of the support and encouragement enabling us to do more for more people in need. As a result I feel proud to finally know in my heart that each and every one of us can and DO make a REAL difference by the choices we make!