On 21st July 2018 at the Lutheran Orphanage in Vietnam I wrote in my diary, “I think every child came forward for blessing and prayer. They look up to us with angelic and expectant eyes. These are the unexpected blessings on the journey. I thought I came to teach Valbi: (Vietnam/Australia Lutheran Bible Institute), but here I am teaching 100 orphans of all ages, and praying for them, and blessing them. And there’s more. They pray for me and bless me.

Growing the Kingdom of God in Vietnam

What could fifteen or so farmers have in common with a fisherman, a builder, a game hunter, a barber, a couple of motorbike fruit-sellers, a man who milks rubber trees, two woodcutters, a factory hand, a motorbike-taxi driver, a former orchardist and a former watchmaker? They are Pastors or preparing Pastors of the fledgling Evangelical Lutheran Church of Vietnam (ELCV).

Heart Stopping Ministry in Vietnam

After a promising start, disaster struck! Or so it seemed. Plans were to crisscross Vietnam from north to south teaching the Word of God and spreading the love of Jesus. In one province the police lay in wait, broke up the seminar that involved 40 people, interrogated Neville for hours, then took his passport away and fined him more than $1,000 dollars. High alarm! Emergency! Sleepless nights in Canada, Australia and Vietnam.