June newsletter now available

The latest issue of FiRE June 2017 is now available and features articles about the onslaught of today's new 'Age of Me', refreshing church growth in Australia, transforming Nepal with the Gospel, Indonesian religious intolerance, and updates from our other mission projects around Asia.. 

I will sing about Jesus: HE SET ME FREE

I hail from an orthodox Hindu family. Like my forefathers, I worshipped the Hindu gods and godesses, offered sacrifices, visited many temples and for seven years was dancing around the deities at Hindu festivals under the influence of the spirits. I suffered a lot on account of demon possession. I tried my best to deliver myself from this but I could not

Newsletter April 2017

Our April newsletter is now available for download and contains articles about the call for Reformation, new frontiers in China and India, memorable and amazing Nias, growing the kingdom of God in Vietnam, and updates from our other mission projects around Asia. 

Growing the Kingdom of God in Vietnam

What could fifteen or so farmers have in common with a fisherman, a builder, a game hunter, a barber, a couple of motorbike fruit-sellers, a man who milks rubber trees, two woodcutters, a factory hand, a motorbike-taxi driver, a former orchardist and a former watchmaker? They are Pastors or preparing Pastors of the fledgling Evangelical Lutheran Church of Vietnam (ELCV).

FiRE February 2017 available

Our February newsletter is now available for download and contains articles about the 10th anniversary celebrations for AFA in Myanmar, a priority on teaching the nations, Pr Steike's ventures in Vietnam, heartbreaking news from tribal Myanmar and Nepal, and updates from our other mission projects around Asia. 

Action at La On Siam Centre (Northern Thailand) in 2016

Life is wonderful at the Centre! Kids are happy and genuinely enjoy each other’s company as well as visitors from Aus. They sing and pray with gusto and happily join in games and other fun activities. After dinner the boys love to play soccer in the front yard with an old ball and some bamboo poles that have been lashed together to make 2 very low goals. Some of the girls join in some afternoons and seemed quite skilled also.

Rev Mukunda Sharma Visit in Qld

Rev Mukunda was our AFA “earthquake man” with his organisation TRANSFORMATION NEPAL. We sent more than $105,000 and helped around 10,000 people – and we will stay in Nepal in partnership with Bhutan next door. Nepal is ripe for Christ with its 15-17% church growth year after year. Yet the church is still in its infancy in Nepal. The challenge is enormous...

Flood Relief trip to Paletwa

Here are some images of the Flood Relief Trip to the Paletwa area, South West Myanmar, with and through the Myanmar Lutheran Church supported by AFA funds. There are no roads in this mountainous area, only creeks, rivers and walking tracks. No relief had reached here before.

Myanmar Floods Release

We are in almost daily contact with our friends in Myanmar – those who have been nearest and dearest to us for many years – people in three churches, friends who are heartbroken about what they see before their very eyes: wholesale destruction in vast areas, with hundreds of thousands of people thrown into desperation and poverty. Farmers overnight become homeless, landless, refugees, peasants. Many of these are our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Kumi Emergency - report on aid given

The implementation of this emergency relief response was well organized and led by two MLC staff from Yangon office and two pastors from Paletwa Myanmar Lutheran Church.  By God’s grace, this relief response implementation was ended with a good impact to the affected families. This relief arm may keep them to have food security for 15 days depending on the number of the families. 

Kumi Emergency - the call for help

On March 28, 2015 a severe fight started between Arakan Army and Government Army at Praingcho village in Paletwa Township. The fight threatened  the lives of many people and the villagers had to flee to other place called the Kalardan River near the Kyewtaung village. They took some clothes and blankets, but did not have time to bring rice and other food supplies. 

Hope has come again

I am 73, a granny, with two grandchildren to look after. Their parents are dead. I live for the kids. I had a small house made of wood, stone and mud, but April 25, 2015 changed my life.  The mega earthquake snatched away everything, no house now, no shelter, nothing.