Ebola crisis - West Africa

The media coverage tends to be sensational – and the response of the world has been tardy and confused. The reluctance of much of the Western World to really help and get involved is deplorable. Above everything else, Ebola needs to be fought in West Africa, then the whole world becomes a safer place. Over 4,000 people have now died from the disease with nearly 10,000 affected. To suggest that figures may double every fortnight is sensational and untrue but we do face a scary scenario. Urgent action is needed and it’s going to get much worse before it gets better.

With thanksgiving to God we can report that our people in Liberia – the inhabitants of LUTHERAN GLOBAL VILLAGE (LGV) - are safe and well at this stage. Ebola occurs in regional hotspots and even in Liberia, West Africa, there are large parts of the country that are free from Ebola. The missionary work continues as usual although with anxiety and heightened alertness.

The people of LGV have realized that they cannot help directly but they can let their light shine indirectly in offering food aid and general medication in their region. Countries like Liberia face economic collapse because everyone panics and food prices have shot up and the government agencies’ response to Ebola has been nothing short of dismal.

Can you imagine not to pay your health workers (nurses, doctors, hospital staff, hired personnel) for three month? The nation is hungry, the disarray is shocking, the corruption immense. Every day Western money makes the rich richer while the poor starve.

We have sent extra funds and the leaders of LGV have distributed food (mainly rice) in the surrounding area at three locations. We/they will do it again in November but we do not make a big appeal for extra funds right now. We could do this in the future. However, we do need your help. We also have to think of the continuing and growing needs in the other 10 AFA countries.

In summary: Ebola will be defeated but the people of Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea are in agony. Urge the government to step up its efforts. Above all, pray to God for rescue and relief.