Global Persecution of Christians: The Shameful Media Silence

Blind western journalists and media outlets, mostly themselves of Christian origins, have a lot to answer for. Their silence with regard to the escalating violence against Christians globally is deafening. Even churches often seem to remain uninformed and too much in the background of this war against the forces of darkness. Here are two powerful books: 

  1.  Christianophobia: A Faith Under Attack, by Rupert Shortt (  
    This book is a very timely look at the shameful media silence of our era: the murder, oppression and persecution of Christians around the world.
  2. The Global War on Christians: Dispatches from the front Lines of anti-Christian persecution  By John L. Allen Jr.   
    This book too is devoted to documenting the vast scale of anti-Christian violence and persecution around the world. Death and disaster for Christians comes from many different directions, not just from the world of Islam. John Allen is a leading authority of great objectivity and profound understanding.