AFA Nepal Relief Action - Update I

It really is with 'fear and trembling' that we are proceeding. Please note all that was said in our AFA Nepal Relief Action letter

1. Money transfer to NepalBased on the urgency of the situation a significant amount of money will be sent on May 5 and 6 - much more than we have so far. We really do pray that the committed friends who are lending their money will get it back.

2. In charge in Nepal: Pastor Mukunda Sharma, Kathmandu, supported by a committee of four others from the NEPAL EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN CHURCH including the president and general Secretary. Pastor Mukunda is well credentialed in disaster relief management and a pastor of 22 years.

3. Action plan: Providing immediate aid to pockets of 2,000 desperate people - most of them Christian. However non-Christians in the housing clusters where they live will receive the same aid. Quote: "This money will be used for dry food like bitten rice, noodles, biscuits, rice, tarpaulin, tents, blankets, water, clothes.... reconstruction and rehabilitation later but this depends on the resources made available to us." 

4. The word coming through to us all the time is 'Please pray for us.'

5. We would be happy for other groups to come on board.

6. We are being informed about developments from the Nepali side all the time and are in daily contact by email and phone. 

7. Pastor Mukunda has prepared a special proposal for AFA and is asking for $50,000US ($70,000) but we told them that this is a target we most likely cannot meet. 

7. You will receive regular updates. The truly rewarding and exciting part is the direct line, the updates that are to come. We are involved and have input all the way.

8. ALWS Appeal:  I want to say that what we do is small scale only and limited. We also support the work of LWF/DWS (ALWS) which does things in a totally different way and in a big way. They are doing very good work. Of course they cannot have an agenda for Christians and their churches as a group irrespective of the question whether their leaders are Christians or not. God's love is not tied to the church and to Christians but He also wants to empower His Church, His agent in this world.

Donations can be made by cheque or money order to ‘Asia Mission and Relief Fund’ or by direct bank transfers.