A Hope for a New Life

 I am Binita (not my real name). I have a three months old infant. I have a husband and my mother-in-law lives with us.  We had a beautiful mud-and-raw-brick made house. We were very happy with our small family. My husband used to work as laborer at the market in Bhaktapur. We are Hindus.

When God blessed us with my little child, we were so happy. But the earthquake of 25 April has taken all the happiness away from us.  The earthquake has taken our home. Now all that is left is the debris of our house. 

When the earthquake came, I was sleeping with my child. Suddenly the earth started shaking. I could not figure out what was going on and was extremely frightened. I took my child and ran out of the house. We managed to escape but before our own eyes we saw our house collapse and destroyed.

I had no chance to take my clothes, food or anything out of the house. That day, we were stunned and didn’t know what to do. My husband ran home, but what to do? That day we could not eat anything.

We had no roof and no food for three days. The whole nation was traumatized. Then we heard that Transformation Nepal (TFN) and Bethel church is in our community and that they have food, tarpaulin and other relief items. We went to the distribution place and received food and a tarpaulin. This gave us hope. This support was a life saving contribution to us. We have food and a tarpaulin to live under an open sky. It was a real blessing to us since we were suffering from the cold under the open sky.  We are thankful to TFN and Bethel Church for giving us hope.

We used the tarpaulin to make a temporary shelter. That’s where we are staying now.  We hope for some tin sheets for a better temporary shelter which could save us from heat and wind. We hope TFN can provide us this in future.

June 2015

Note: TFN (Transformation Nepal)-Bethel Church were empowered to do relief work by AFA.