Nepal Update 7

I wish to share with you now the astounding news that about $100,100 have been donated to our Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund. All this money is in Nepal and has been used weeks ago except that the last $10,000 is now being used for follow-up work – like enabling children go back to school, supplying stationary for them and helping individual families with special longer-term needs.

We consider the main appeal closed as of 30th June. However we hope to continue our work in Nepal in a low key way on a somewhat different level if we can. Wait for more information. Donations for Nepal are still welcome and always will be. We have made some wonderful friends there now. The relationship to earthquake relief if any is still under discussion.

However we are presently mainly concerned about the health of our AFA general funds. We urgently need support for them in a special way. Many pastors, churches, evangelists in many countries depend on this and also the children in the three AFA Children’s Homes. Please don’t forget and consider this prayerfully.

AFA Food Distribution at Dolakha in the mountains

AFA Food Distribution at Dolakha in the mountains

Achievements in Nepal through TRANSFORMATION NEPAL for earthquake victims have been amazing – combining experience, expertise and Christian commitment to have heart-warming, cost-effective outcomes. Remember, lots of trained volunteers have been involved – people who have done it all for Jesus’ sake for no benefit to themselves.

TRANSFORMATION NEPAL (TRN) is one of the few Christian relief groups in Nepal working holistically meaning that they want to serve the whole person – body, mind and spirit – with the Gospel as the engine for action, with the power to change lives. TRN’s leader is Lutheran pastor Rev Mukunda, a convert from Hinduism. TRN is well respected and has government support.

Through your generosity it was possible to help nearly 2,000 families (that is likely to be about 10,000 people) with life-renewing and hope-restoring relief supplies and additionally many children with ‘Back-to-School’ kits.

With thankfulness to God and you,

August Fricke
President AFA