Love Your Neighbour as Yourself

Transformation Nepal (TFN), supported by AFA, has responded with relief action in many towns and villages in Dhadingbesi, Dhading district.  The coordination and cooperation of local churches made this easy. One pastor there was particularly involved and gave his all.

TFN staff asked him about his motivation for all he did. He said, Now is the time to love our neighbors as ourselves. I am inspired by the word of Jesus. HE was always full of love and compassion  for the needy.  As a pastor I am responsible for my neighbours, people of all faiths.

Church members served as volunteers. With their help TFN distributed food to many.  TFN staff asked one of the Hindu earthquake victims, How do you feel about this relief? In response he said, This helps my families to survive for a month. We will find a solution after that time. We are thankful indeed to the church and the pastor for enabling us to survive in this situation. It has all become possible through his love and support. We are happy to have the church in our community.