Kumi Emergency - the call for help

Background Information

On March 28, 2015 a severe fight started between Arakan Army (AA) and Government Army at Praingcho village in Paletwa Township. During the month of April, this fight continued at a place 3 miles from Praingcho village. The fight threatened  the lives of many people. By April 27, the villagers had to flee to other place called the Kalardan River near the Kyewtaung village. It took them one and half days to reach that Camp. They took some clothes and blankets, but did not have time to  bring rice and other food supplies. 

Refugee Camps, Laungtin Village, Paletwa

Refugee Camps, Laungtin Village, Paletwa

Total population: 370
Households: 64

(1) Food security
(2) Health care
(3) Life security
(4) Shelters
(5) Education for students
(6) Clean water

The people are homeless and feel hopeless and helpless.  They fear for their future.  In desperation they cry out to God for help.  In this group, there are 20 households from  the Myanmar Lutheran Church.  Our desire is to help  all 64 households who are affected by the recent civil war  between AA and Government Army. 

This women stood up and said, “ We really don’t know what to do, how to get food or security for our families.  The only thing we can offer to God is our tears and prayers”. We are like orphans without parents in life. Therefore, we humbly want to appeal for your kind love and support to start our  life again. 

The people have to start over with nothing  

The people have to start over with nothing  

Challenges and Difficulties:
 - Danger of life for all families
 - Danger of rape for women
 - Fear of loss of life and  properties
 - Farms are unattended because of war.
 - Mental and physical health for the week and old. 

Initial Visits

On May 2nd an Associate Health Care Officer visited the Refugee Camps to provide basic health care to children and caring for elderly. This short-term health care helped many affected people. 

Myanmar Luther Church Youth Team, from Paletwa visited the Refugee Camps May 2, 2015. They took photos and gathered information from the Refugees Camps.  Their visit encouraged many of the refugees. 


Humble Appeal from Myanmar Lutheran Church

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, Pray for the families affected  by the civil wars in Paletwa. May God provide through His church  needed aid  during this crisis

Thanks, God bless you all!

Bishop Andrew Mang Lone
Myanmar Lutheran Church
Yangon, Myanmar