Myanmar War Emergency: Breaking the Secrecy and Silence

Myanmar Emergency - “Helping Hands” Action Now
At the present time thousands die in Myanmar, some 100,000 are displaced (refugees), most of them Christians – and the world either does not know it, does not want to know it, or is simply silent.

Dear AFA supporter, dear reader,

Our information is certain, reliable and from primary sources. Whatever is written here is authorized. More news is coming in continuously.

In Myanmar it seems to be forbidden to know the truth, and everyone who wants to investigate and report the true story is likely to be persecuted and imprisoned if he is caught. Thankfully a few news reports seep through. We have seen some heart breaking documentary footage on ABC-TV and SBS confirming what we say.

We all know about the suffering of the Rohinyas and the atrocities committed there in 2017, but do we know about the Khumi's, the Katchin's and the Karen's suffering at the present time?

We cannot ignore the plight of the least of Christ’s brothers and sisters in Myanmar. I tried to get out of it. “Please find help from others.” So far there has been no or little help, but we pray that others will join the effort quickly. (Last minute information: LWF-Myanmar will also assist.)

AFA has a good network of courageous people in Myanmar. Even compassionate Buddhists are involved. Please consider donating to this emergency.

August Fricke, President AFA


To hear the screams of this Katchin women is gut wrenching. She has just lost her family. Behind her is her burnt down village. Note the soldier with machine gun. Place: Near Mung Lai Hka IDP camp, Katchin State. In action: Burmese Army (No. 298 Infantry Battalion - Kha La Ya 298). This is picture from a video – smuggled out, low quality, amateur. It’s available.


AFA Wants to help

  1. the survivors of the war in Shan and Katchin States in northern Myanmar. Here the Burmese Army is burning down village after village with now more than 100,000 people having been driven out and lost everything. There are 165 IDP/Internally Displaced Persons Camps - refugee camps where much more relief must get in, legally if possible, otherwise in secret. Our person on the ground: PASTOR MARTIN, Lutheran Church Myanmar, and EVANGELIST/PASTOR THOMAS, Concordia Mission.
  2. the victims of the Arakan Army in Paletwa, southern Chin State in the West of Myanmar, not far from the Rohinya disaster area. Here the emergency is not so much in the camps (as people receive some help there) but in the villages where starving people are blocked from receiving food (like rice). Their crops are destroyed. The Myanmar Army wants to force the Arakan Army (AA) into submission by starving the people. After all, the AA lives of robbing and plundering the people.  Our person on the ground: PASTOR JAMES, Myanmar Lutheran Church.

1. A word from Pastor James – Myanmar Lutheran Church
There is severe fighting in the Miza region of Paletwa, Chin State, where our people live, cut off from the world. There are many soldiers everywhere. People fear for their lives. They have given all their rice to the refugees. At times it is actually easier to be a refugee in an IDP/Refugee Camp and get some food there than being a starving villager whose livelihood has been destroyed. With no one to help in this crisis, forgotten by all at this point, BISHOP AND I HUMBLY APPEAL TO YOU TO SHARE THIS URGENT NEED WITH YOUR FRIENDS AND YOUR CHURCHES. We here in the City cannot even eat our own food whenever we think about how our children, our people are suffering.

Myanmar – the old Disaster Story
In terms of war, bloodshed and death, Myanmar is still the same old oppressive dictatorship. There are three differences though these days: (a) Before everyone lived in fear but now only the tribal people in the no-go zones where no one is allowed in. Here people are slaughtered ‘in private’, without witnesses. (b) The world invests in Myanmar now, the country is modernising. Many a business is booming. So the West says little. And we are being fooled. (c) In terms of the Christian Faith, things are actually WORSE THAN BEFORE - with tighter and tighter restrictions by the new Buddhist government.

2. A word from Pastor Martin – Lutheran Church of Myanmar
Many Christian villages (intentionally more than Buddhist villages!) have been burnt down by the military in Katchin and Shan States but since the government is quiet about it, the minority Christians in the country are also under pressure to say nothing. Many activists have been secretly arrested by the police because they have stood up for helpless people. I offered my pastor friend in the area to take some orphans provided there are funds available. Currently we have some children at our DAMADI HOME that come from the war affected region. If funds become available we also would like to open an Education Centre in Katchin State and send a missionary there. The local churches ask us to start work there. The needs are beyond words but the opportunities are great also.

3. A word from Evangelist/Pastor Thomas – Concordia Mission
Last time we went into the war zone in Katchin State, the truck before us (full of cows) was shot by a sniper from the KA (Katchin Army). Both the KA Army and the NA (National Army) are suspicious of us and put our lives in danger. It's very dangerous and illegal to gather evidence (documents, photos and videos). I have recently been in the war zone and must go there again end June in spite of the dangers trying to help the people. Over 90 percent of Kachin people are Christians. Even my Buddhist friend is involved. He saved more than 100 children.

The situation is terribly bad. It is getting worse by the day. People are running from one place to another and are in hiding. Children lose their parents and their future. They don’t have enough food and shelter. I’m so sad to see one word on their faces: “hopelessness”. We must help. 
— Thomas

As though the war is not enough, news just coming through that FLOODS are also starting to cause havoc again. Large areas are under water already.

AFA Myanmar Goat Project & the war
FIRE readers, remember? Some goats have been killed in the war but most are still thriving! See report in the next issue of FIRE.

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